This is of things to paint on your wall. Usually a lot of people will think about what colors would be suitable for their room. Selection of color in the room is very important. Ranging from bright colors to the simple color. Usually many people choose a unique color and make the room come alive. These are some of the designs that will be very good color for a bedroom lounge. You can apply this design to the room in your home.

Here is a design that is very suitable to design both indoors and outdoors. Design wall color will usually be highly favored by teenagers. Because the color is very suitable for the design of the teenagers who like to experiment. This colorful design is very attractive because of the blending of colors are very attractive and make the room which was given this color becomes very colorful and became very lively. You can apply this wall color into the color of your room in the house. It does things to paint on your wall.

This is of things to paint on your wall. Painting the walls became very inspiring because in painting with the theme of the building. If we see there will be a pole pitch, but it’s just a painting. So in this room if given a wall painting like this it will make this room as if to have a pole like on the wall painting. It will add a unique impression in your room. The wall paintings you can apply at the lounge or bedroom space. With the mix with a table full of ceramics will make this room seem very antic and unique. It is design frescoes very inspiring for many people.

If we look at this room has wall painting which is very modest when compared to other designs wall paintings. Only if we see there is no painting twig. With a mix of gray and white makes the room seems very simpler. But not many people are happy with a simple design like this. This design will make a simple impression will appear in this space. If you want a little crowded it can be added with other paintings such as a flower or some leaves. It would be very inspire design. You can apply it to your room.

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