The interesting kitchen living room combo is comfortable kitchen when in use. Here is how to organize the kitchen is very beautiful and good in view. The unique design will add an elegant impression and luxurious. Here is a good design that you can apply in your dream kitchen.

The interesting kitchen living room combo can be said to be contained in the unique design of the kitchen is also very spacious. They are usually very minimalist kitchen arranged and neat but this is a kitchen layout that extends and has wooden furniture materials. This design is very good and makes your room into a more unique and luxurious. Should it be better if the kitchen has a top sheet because it is will be add to the impression of neat. Goods will be stored and arranged neatly in your kitchen. Bar in the kitchen is also very helpful barrier between the other rooms and make you more comfortable in that room. You can apply the model of this kitchen into your dream kitchen models.

The second is if you have the space then you can combine minimalism with the living room. It looks difficult when combining two rooms into one because it will add to the impression of cramped. But it does not matter if we set the right room. Design is usually used for apartments. You can organize the kitchen as shown above. By utilizing the space is so small it can be in order in the kitchen corner. And if the kitchen has become a mainstay in the given top sheet, this will reduce the impression of a cluttered and disorganized. This is a layout that was the inspiration for minimalist space.

That when you have the small kitchen design.
If you have
limited room space then you can see the
kitchen design like the picture
above. You can organize your kitchen space
with refrigerator that goes into this
will also add to the impression of
an indoor area. This is indeed a simple design and
not redundant you
want a simple design then you can organize kitchen
space to be like this. Coupled
with the living room, then you give the impression of familiarity.